The various EU initiatives on sustainability open up significant opportunities for tourism development. Initiatives like the Green Deal and Farm to Fork provide a foundation for promising development by tourism service providers. But how can these opportunities be translated into a genuine sustainability strategy that is both successfully positioned in the market and firmly anchored within the company?

The tourism sector is facing unprecedented challenges as it slowly begins to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, companies must address the impacts of climate change and stay informed about future developments and opportunities arising from the EU Green Deal policy and its long-term implications for the sector.

CREDinGREEN is a European partnership uniting tourism industry experts and educators. This collaboration aims to create an innovative and flexible training program to help company managers and staff tackle long-term challenges posed by climate action and the aftermath of the pandemic. The program is designed to equip industry professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to significant changes, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for the tourism sector.

AIMs of the Project are:

• to anticipate and respond to new training needs in the tourism industry, as it recovers from C-19 restrictions.

• to update existing training content to meet new market requirements, offering innovations in smaller, certified training units, and pioneering the integration of micro-credentials into European VET.

• to implement an online training approach that allows more accessibility and convenience.

• to focus on ecological aspects of training for tourism managers, leveraging the post-pandemic recovery to enhance sustainable tourism practices and give Green Tourism a significant boost.

• to ensure cooperation between education providers, economic actors, and policymakers, developing quality standards for accrediting learning outcomes via micro-credentials to ensure official acceptance across sectors.

Target groups:

CREDinGREEN engages with management and staff of tourism companies across Europe, as well as leading European experts in tourism and education.

By addressing these areas, CREDinGREEN aims to futureproof the tourism sector, making it more resilient and sustainable in the face of ongoing and future challenges.