Result 1: European Report 2022

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The CREDinGREEN Survey is now closed.
From 19.05.2022 to 13.09.2022  tourism managers could take part in these surveys above. Of the total 355 participants, 339 were from the EU and their responses were included in the analysis. The basis of the survey was an extensive literature review. In addition to the survey, there took place expert interviews with participants from the tourism and from the education sectors. Read how COVID-19 and the EU Green Deal policy has changed tourism behaviour in Europe and how services, knowledge and skill sets of tourism managers need to adapt.

The European Report 2022 with all results can be found here.

Result 2: CREDinGREEN VET course Training program on Green Tourism

Micro-credential VET training program based on upskilling of SME managers to meet the needs of a changed market after the Covid-19 experience and under the impact of the EU Green Deal Policy
Target group: Tourism managers across Europe

The Syllabus of the Training concept can be downloaded here.

Result 3: CREDinGREEN Policy Paper

Green paper of recommendations for educational and training policy makers on the sustainable anchoring of micro-credentials in VET and the promotion of the EU Green Deal through innovative training programs in tourism.
Target group: Educational and training policy makers at local, national and European levels.