CREDinGREEN Partnership at the 25th DGT Anniversary Conference in Switzerland

Project research results of the CREDinGREEN project were presented at the 25th anniversary conference of the German Society for Tourism Science (DGT) in Bern, Switzerland. The German Society for Tourism Studies (DGT) unites German-speaking tourism researchers, especially from Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland, but also scientists who found their way from as far away as Australia to Switzerland. Coordinating the DGT annual conference, was the head of the Tourism Research Unit at the Centre for Regional Development (CRED-T) at the University of Bern, Dr. rer. oec. Monika Bandi Tanner, celebrating a double anniversary of DGT (25 years) and CRED-T (10 years).

As part of the conference theme "Tourism and Green Transformation - Aspects of a Tourism in Transition to Climate Neutrality", Prof. Dr. Heike Bähre, FHM University of Applied Sciences discussed the CREDinGREEN research results. From 19.05.2022 to 13.09.2022, an online questionnaire could be answered among tourism stakeholders in the EU. There were 339 participants from the EU, including 6 from non-project EU partner countries (2 each from Ireland, the Czech Republic, Greece) and 333 from project EU partner countries. The CREDinGREEN conference paper focused the international survey results on the European Green Deal thematic block of the survey, the European Union's climate policy. It was a joint contribution with psychology research colleague Valerie Isabell Elss M.Sc. (FHM campus Rostock), economist Heike Bähre (FHM campus Berlin), as well as Statistics Lecturer Dr. Mihaela State and Associate Prof. Dr. Carmen Emilia Chasovschi from the long-standing partner university Stefan cel Mare Suceava/Romania. The anniversary meeting with 100 participants provided ample opportunity for the CREDinGREEN team to exchange views not only on climate policy issues, but also on educational certificates through vocational and academic educational institutions in the EU.

Prof. Dr. Heike Bähre and Prof. Armin Brysch, Faculty of Tourism Management, Kempten University of Applied Sciences, exchange views on the CREDinGREEN topic "Micro-Credentials" in academic teaching and further education at the DGT conference, Switzerland.