CREDinGREEN Kick-off in Berlin

The CREDinGREEN Project startet with its first virtual partnership meeting on 3rd of February 2022. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the kick-off meeting was not held in the planned location of Florence, Italy but moved to an online setting.

FHM University of Applied Sciences with its Campus Berlin, represented by Prof. Dr. Heike Bähre and Ian O´Donovan, is in lead of this project, including partners from Austria, Italy, Romania and Portugal.

The project brings together expertise from academia, education and business in tourism to help its industry deal with the many long-term challenges it faces in the coming years as consumer behaviour and tourism trends, impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the emergence of the EU Green Deal policy ( on climate action and sustainability.

Partners at the kick-off meeting discussed the upcoming European-wide survey of the tourism industry to be launched by the project in April 2022. Outcomes of the survey and its research will be the basis for a targeted VET training programme for Tourism managers and their staff on the how to deal with the key issue of long-term COVID-19 impacts on the industry as well as how industry can manage the EU Green Deal policy impacts on business.

CREDinGREEN is an Erasmus + project and is co-funded by the EU Commission